Wide Aperture Photography

I’ve been trying out taking photos with the aperture set very wide. In full sun the shutter speed ends up at something like 1/2000th and I had to bump the ISO to 1600. Still, even with an unwilling subject I got some nice results.

Lucy Portrait 1

Lucy Portrait 1

Plum Trees

I’ve been making plum jam from the plum tree in the garden, and strawberry jam from cheap punnets at work. Plum trees, or perhaps their feathered inhabitants, are also of interest to certain spotty individuals.

Help, I appear to be up a plum tree

Kitten has finally arrived

She was a perfect little sweetie in the car from Wanganui to Wellington. After the initial shock, she entertained herself with a scrap of sheepskin for a bit before curling up to sleep the rest of the way.

Easy traveller.

When she got home she found the spare room with the boxes in it.

Death to the laser pointer!

Games at Heather’s

It’s Queen’s Birthday weekend, and there’s nothing like a nice Sauvignon Blanc and a spot of boardgames on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Some Settlers of Catan, some Hacienda and good company.

LAN Photos

Here are some photos from a LAN a couple of weeks ago. Civilisation, Joint Operations, Halflife 2 Deathmatch, far too much bacon corn fritters and Rocket Fuel sauce, and of course Mystery Science Theater 3000 “This Island Earth”.