Chilli sauce got a little out of control

So this time, I picked 16 kg of late, red jalapeño from Penray Gardens, fire-roasted it, and smoked it.

Along with several kilos of tomatoes and red bell peppers, this was a huge amount of ingredients. Luckily I had help from Shadley, Andrew and Tara in picking, roasting, smoking, chopping, stirring and tasting duties, and a fun time was had by all.

This all went in the pot with much the same recipe as last year (see my previous post). This time I made up a label in Inkscape using some nifty fonts from Font Squirrel, based on a 1920s French wine label.

One Reply to “Chilli sauce got a little out of control”

  1. Dude! That is bad ass! I can’t believe you can actually do useful think in Inkscape…plus the sauce. *drool*

    You totally need to get shelve space, do full commercial runs and earn enough to quit your job. :-P

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